Where is Otis?

    June 2nd, 2020

Mom had a grand plan/ hope was to spend most nights boondocking. Boondocking is FREE camping in designated forests & lakes. We act like we were never there. No litter, cutting trees, big fire pits or outhouses. Mom is supposed to bury her poo, yet I can poop anywhere! This is very curious. Maybe she should eat dog food?!

My 1st night boondocking was at Gelott Lake in Wyoming. Mom drove down a dirt road until it ended by a perfect little lake surrounded by ranches. Being totally alone I could run and swim to my heart’s content. At least until the 1st fisherman showed up. Then it was back in the collar for me. Yes, I was bummed.

So mom’s dancing around getting camp set up and another guy shows up, just not to fish, at least not to fish for fish, if ya know what I mean. Of course, the 1st thing this guy wants to know is if I’m friendly. After mom said I was the guy started to talk & did not quit for almost 2 hours!!!! He told mom he had been watching us with binoculars, but not in a creepy way! Maybe not creepy to him but mom was creeped out & I was on guard. Mom can hold her own in a conversation, but this guy, this guy talked & breathed and refused to listen to any words. Finally, Mom forcefully said she had to finish getting camp set up. She went in the camper & did not come out until he left. An hour later is when he left.

Boondocking is the very best! We stayed there a couple days then headed to Guernsey state Park in Wyoming.

Are there cows in Guernsey?

Love Odie

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